Live Butterfly Garden Caterpillar Refill Voucher

Live Butterfly Garden Caterpillar Refill Voucher
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 Live Butterfly Garden Caterpillar Refill VoucherLive Butterfly Garden Caterpillar Refill Voucher 

This voucher is for a refill cup of 3-5 caterpillars for your Live Butterfly Garden. Ideal if you have a kit already, but have already used your original voucher. This enables you to reuse your butterfly house over and over again, but with new caterpillars!

Simply order here and we will email you the redemption code to order your caterpillars when you are ready to receive them. There is no extra charge for delivery of your caterpillars.

The replacement caterpillar set includes: a cup of 3-5 caterpillars with all the nutritious food they need to grow into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies, plus a Caterpillar Quick Guide - a brief overview to get you started,

Three caterpillars are guaranteed to develop into perfect specimens

For in-depth instructions regarding caterpillar and butterfly care please see our Live Butterfly Garden Instructions

Please note: This product is a REFILL and includes a clear cup with caterpillars and food ONLY. For use with an existing butterfly kit.

Caterpillars sent March to mid-September, during the warmer months when there is enough food for butterflies to survive in the wild.

Please select 'free local delivery' for this item, as it will be emailed to you so there is no need to pay postage.

Price:  £15.00

Brand:  Insect Lore
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  4+


In stock, immediate despatch  

In stock, immediate despatch