Hama Starter Tub, 10,000 Beads & 5 Boards

Hama Starter Tub, 10,000 Beads & 5 Boards
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 Hama Starter Tub, 10,000 Beads & 5 BoardsHama Starter Tub, 10,000 Beads & 5 Boards 

This fabulous bucket comes with approximately 10,000 assorted midi-sized Hama beads in 10 different solid colours: white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, light blue, green, light green and black. Also included are 5 pegboards (butterfly, car, flower, mouse and seahorse).

Hama beading encourages creativity and imagination for children and adults alike. Arrange the colourful beads arranged on your choice of pegboard to form patterns, then fused together with a iron.

When ironing your bead creations, use Hama ironing paper or a good quality baking parchment between the beads and your iron.

The sturdy tub is great for storing your beads and boards and measures 13cm deep, 19cm wide by 11.5cm tall and has a strong handle.

Hama beading is great for ages 5 to 12 year olds particularly, but adults and older children enjoy it too! Create fobs for keyrings, coasters, pictures and even decorations for cards with Hama beads - the designs you can create are endless!

Price:  £20.00

Brand:  Hama
Theme:  Animals
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  5+


1 in stock, immediate despatch  

1 in stock, immediate despatch