Hama Bead Starter Kit, 450 Beads

Hama Bead Starter Kit, 450 Beads
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Hama Bead Starter Kit, 450 BeadsHama Bead Starter Kit, 450 BeadsHama Bead Starter Kit, 450 Beads

This range of Hama bead starter sets is ideal for a beginner, as a pocket money treat or party bag gift - they make great stocking fillers too! Each set contains 450 assorted, coloured midi beads plus a small, shaped pegboard and a small sheet of ironing paper. Use the ideas on the packaging to create animals, princesses - all sorts of bright and fun creations.Choose your preferred kit using the menu below.Hama bead creations can be used as decorations, coasters, keyrings, jewellery...whatever you can think of!Place the beads on the pegboard then fuse together using an iron which gently melts the beads together to make your design permanent. Use the ironing paper (or baking parchment) between the beads and the iron to ensure successful fusing. Adult assistance required!Hama beading is a great creative activity which is calming and develops fine motor skills and concentration.

Price:  £3.75

Brand:  Hama
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  5+