Uno Junior Card Game

Uno Junior Card Game
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Uno Junior Card GameUno Junior Card GameUno Junior Card Game

A junior version of our best-selling card game Uno! This version has smaller cards which are easier for little hands to hold, and is aimed at ages 3 years and upwards.

The cards are illustrated with brightly coloured animals, each with a number in the corners.

Players start with 7 cards each and keep them hidden from other players. The top card from a draw pile in the centre of the table is turned over and the first player has to match it with either the same animal or the same number on one of their cards. The players take it in turns, trying to be the first player to have no cards left.

Shout 'Uno!' when you only have one card left in your hand. If you can't place anything down from your hand, you have to take a card from the draw pile.

This game is great fun and easy to explain to young children. Game length is quite quick and is for 2 to 4 players.

There are two levels of play, with instructions for a more advance version of the game when the players are ready for some extra challenges during their game!

Price:  £7.00

Theme:  Animals
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  3+


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In stock, immediate despatch