Jollys Story Competition


The Jollys Toys Short Story Competition 2016 with

Great Addington C of E Primary School
Do you ever wonder what your toys get up to when you are at school or when you are sleeping? Or do you imagine what do the toys in the toy shop get up to when it is closed and no-one is watching? Imagine the fun they are having!
Jollys Toys is a toy shop in Thrapston, filled with toys and games for boys and girls of every age. Can you write a story telling us what exciting adventures you think the toys in Jollys are having when the shop is closed and we have all gone home? We are running a short story competition during the Autumn term at your school.

Ages 4 to 11 are welcome to enter and we have 4 age categories as follows: 
Reception and Year 1
Years 2 and 3
Years 4,5 and 6
You can add your own illustrations if you would like to, but you don’t have to. You can hand write the story or type it on a computer and print it, or email it to us. You can make a comic strip of the story if you find writing difficult. Here are some ideas…
  • Try to include a beginning, a middle and an end to the story
  • Your story could be funny or scary, it could be a mystery or it could be an adventure – whatever you like!
  • Try to use some interesting adjectives (describing words). Think about using different sentence starters. You could even use some rhyming words or make up new words and names!
  • Come to Jollys and get some inspiration, meet the toys and get a good look at where they live before they go to their new homes
FIRST PRIZE in each age group will win an Usborne Write Your Own Story activity book, a Frixion erasable writing pen, a £5 Jollys voucher, sweeties and a prize certificate
SECOND PRIZE in each age group will win a £5 Jollys voucher, a ‘Smencil’ scented pen, and a prize certificate

Everyone who enters will receive a lollipop when they return their completed story! 
We are looking for an entertaining story which uses lots of imagination and is fun to read and listen to. We don’t mind if you haven’t spelt every word correctly, we just want you to have fun and enjoy letting your imagination run wild! Please create the story yourself. You can handwrite or type your story.
Preschoolers from The Addingtons Preschool can join in too!
Children aged 2 to 4 years can draw us a picture of your favourite toy and
tell us why you love it! Prizes for each category
Please include your name, age and class name and telephone number with your entry. Please bring in or post your entry to Jollys Toys, 28a High Street, Thrapston, NN14 4JH or hand in to your school. You can also email us with your entry -
Entries must be in by 5pm on Saturday 22nd October 2016
Winners will be personally notified on Monday 1st November 2016