Vehicle Pairs Card Game

Vehicle Pairs Card Game
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 Vehicle Pairs Card GameVehicle Pairs Card Game 

This simple game is idea for beginner card players and can be played by 2 of more players aged 3 years and upwards. Place all the cards face down on a table. Players take it in turn to turn two cards over and see if they can make a pair. If yes, they collect that pair and put it to one side. If not, they place both cards back down again and wait for their next turn.

Remember to watch what other players turn over in case they reveal a card that you can match next time it's your go!

Each card features a detailed illustration of a vehicle - tractors and trucks, cars and really anything with wheels!

Great for observation and concentration, this game encourages turn-taking, patience and of course helps with memory.

Pack of cards measures 6cm by 9cm by 1.5cm and comes in a box which has the instructions for the game printed on the back.

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Theme:  Vehicles
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  3+


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