Travel Rummikub

Travel Rummikub
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Rummikub is a brilliant tile game in which players build up number sequences on the playing table, making sure to match numbers in different colours ('suits') or creating a run of numbers in the same colour.

Played with 106 tiles, the object of the game is go "Rummikub" being the first player to place all the tiles from your rack onto the table. Once you all start laying own sequences, you can add to them or take away, move them around to your advantage and aim to get 'out' first.

A table-cased game for 2-4 players aged 8 years and upwards. This travel version plays just like the classic one, but the tiles are smaller and fit into the travel-sized box (measures 21.3 x 21.8cm).

Jollys says "The Jollys family LOVE this game and play regularly. It's a little like the card game rummy in that you are working with sequences and 'suits', but as you link into everyone's tiles it makes play so much more exciting and challenging."

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