Story Telling Cards

Story Telling Cards
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Story Telling CardsStory Telling CardsStory Telling Cards
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Brand:  Green Board Games
Theme:  Storytelling
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  4+


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This is a fun and easy way to help children develop their language skills and to have fun telling stories. The pack of large cards features lots of illustrations of characters, objects, actions and animals which provide prompts to start a story, all within colour-coded categories. Play either one player at a time or as a group - you never know where the tale will take you!

Older children can take more cards, either from different categories or from the same one to use to tell their story.
The pack comes with 55 colour-coded cards for characters, settings, objects, actions, animals and weather. Comes in three different sets - 'original', 'adventure' and 'fantasy'. Choose from the menu below and one will be sent.
This game can be played with one or many players, it can be quick or take longer - it's up to you! Extra fun to be had when a group play, each one taking a random card and then adding to the story with a new sentence including their object or action. The stories can get quite funny and unusual as more players and cards are involved! Great as a teaching tool to help children develop writing and language skills, expanding their imagination and getting families talking together. Take on a trip, to the restaurant or use at the dinner table with this handy pack.