Mexican Train

Mexican Train
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Mexican TrainMexican TrainMexican TrainMexican Train

Play Mexican Train again and again! Easy to learn and very addictive, this set comes in a robust storage tin.

To play, add dominoes to your own line, or put them on the Mexican Train. If you are first to use all your dominoes, you win. But watch out - when another player acts, it can stop you in your tracks!

This set comes with eight colourful train tokens, a ‘station hub’ and 91 high-quality dominoes and rules.

A game for 2 to 8 players, aged 7 years and upwards. Jollys says "adults love this game and we have come across a number of Mexucan Train fans who love playing this during games evenings or on camping trips!"AVAILABLE FOR CLICK & COLLECT OR LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY

Price:  £25.00


Brand:  Tactic
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  7+


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1 in stock, immediate despatch