One Dog, Ten Frogs Game

One Dog, Ten Frogs Game
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 One Dog, Ten Frogs GameOne Dog, Ten Frogs Game 
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Brand:  Orchard Toys
Theme:  Animals
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  3+


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1 in stock, immediate despatch

This giant floor activity, counting and memory game has supersize cards featuring friendly characters to pair up and count. It helps children learn to count up to the 15 with the help of the handy reference board.

Players take turns to pick up a card and count the characters, then pick up a second card and count the characters. If both cards match the player gets to keep them; if not they are placed back on the floor face down and play passes on to the next player.

Great for using memory skills to find and match the cards, this is like the traditional Memory Game game.

Play continues until all the cards have been paired. Then encourage young players to use the number reference board to make a jumbo number line with their supersize cards.

One Dog, Ten Frogs can be played as a single person pairing activity or a multi-player game. For ages 3 years and upwards, 1 to 4 players.

Contents:30 jumbo pairs cards, 1 number reference board and an instruction leaflet.

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