Exit The Game: The Polar Station

Exit The Game: The Polar Station
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Exit games are like taking part in an escape room challenge, but at home! Eberything you need to set and solve challenges is in the box, wonderfully atmospheric and ideal for a gorup to enjoy together over several hours of game play.

In The Polar Station you are a member of a large research team based in the Arctic. Suddenly the evacuation alarm goes off! You run to the door but it has already locked automatically! You discover that a neaighbouring laboratory has been destroyed. As you ponder what happened, you discover a noteook, and there is very little time to escape... teams are. Everything in the room is secured with numbered locks. Then it dawns on you that only if you can figure out all of the codes to unlock the locks in time, can you escape. If not, this will be your bitter (cold) end.

Included in the box is a decoder disc, 84 cards, 2 'strange' items, 1 book and a rulebook. You may need to cut or fold the cards as part of solving the clues and challenges!

The game can only be played once as when you have solved the puzzles and riddles, you'll know the answers! Great as an evening of fun for a family or group of friends to enjoy together. Recommended for ages 12 years to adult.

Price:  £14.00


Brand:  Thames & Kosmos
Manufacturer's Recommended Age:  12+


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In stock, immediate despatch